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THURSDAY, 18 JUNE 2020 FROM 10:00-17:00
Show Us Your Mask Documentary Project in the Burg
Mountain Arts Center

Bedford @ Jenny Wiley Amphitheater

POP UP SHOW!! Next Saturday June 6, we will present Bedford Band live at the Amphitheatre. The show starts at 8pm. We will be adhering to the guidelines set forth by the state for social distance requirements. We can only sell tickets for 33% capacity. Tickets can be purchased at the Mountain Arts Center Box Office at, or call 888-MAC-ARTS.

In observance of Memorial Day, the Administrative Offices for the City of Prestonsburg will be closed on Monday, May 25th. We will re-open on Tuesday, May 29th at 8:00am.

Have a safe and happy holiday! Here are some helpful tips for celebrating this day.



Government offices will be opening on Monday, May the 18th.

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While it IS permissible for offices to be open, there are strict guidelines that every office must follow.

The Administrative Offices for the City of Prestonsburg will be open with very limited staff. If you need to do business at City Hall, it would be in EVERYONE’S best interest for you to, first, try to do that business over the phone or via email. We can take credit card payments by phone and many bills can be paid by simply mailing in your payment.

if you need to drop something off at City Hall, there will be a box outside our Administrative door for you to do so. If you feel you need to speak to someone in person, there will be staff available. Please understand that staff will be wearing a mask. We would ask, if at all possible, that you do the same for face-to-face interactions.

You can call City Hall at 606-886-2335

Thank you for working with us as we work to follow all the guidelines as directed by the State.

May 04, 2020

Monday Update from Mayor Stapleton

Floyd County Cases – 11 (per the Floyd County Health Department)

Healthy at Work – If you have a business in town, you have been asked to

Prestonsburg Recycling Pick Up

submit an opening plan. We have shared a local plan to many businesses that have some general rules that satisfy the Governor’s plan outline. If you are a retailer, you should have received an email with our plan. If you like the plan that we’ve outlined, you can pull what is pertinent to your business and send it to the Governor for review. It is aggressive as we think we can be without overstepping what the Governor has asked of us. If you would like a copy of the plan, you can email to request a copy be emailed to you. (* a copy will also be posted in the COVID-19 folder on our page as well as in the Small Business local group that has been created). If you are a hairstylist, I have some added suggestions that will help you be able to open more effectively and efficiently.

We look forward to opening up as quickly as possible. The more cooperation that we have from local businesses, the better we will be able to do that.

We, as a City, have had great cooperation. Let’s move forward through this without causing issues that might cause a spike in cases. The more efficient we are, the more aggressively we can move forward in getting our city opened up.

MASKS – Again, wearing a mask isn’t about me personally – it’s about protecting the others from getting the virus FROM us. All 3 of our city employees that tested positive have still shown NO SYMPTOMS. We need to act as though we DO have the virus and wear masks to protect others. Our departments have been kept apart through all of this and the three cases we had all worked in different departments. They didn’t have contact with each other. There was no common denominator in these cases. The virus is out there and we need to try and protect each other.

Again, businesses, take a look at the re-open plan (Economic Restoration Plan) so we can move forward together as a city. Our consistency will help us move forward aggressively so we can get back to a normal routine as soon as possible.

Census numbers: KY – 59.9%
Prestonsburg – 58.2%

Get your census completed!!


May 01, 2020

Here, you’ll find the Governor’s Plan for Kentucky to return to work.

Beginning, May 11th:

• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Vehicle or Vessel Dealerships
• Office-Based Businesses (50%)
• Horse Racing (No Fans)
• Dog Grooming / Boarding

May 20th:

• Retail
• Houses of Worship

May 25
• 10 Person Social Gatherings
• Barbers, salons, cosmetology businesses, and similar services

* Before any of the businesses above may reopen, each business must meet the following minimum requirements in addition to industry-specific guidance that will be released in coming days and weeks.


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MAGGIE MOUNTAIN, FLOYD COUNTY: KY 3024, Maggie Mountain, will be closed tonight and tomorrow between mile points 1 and 2 (on the Prestonsburg side). A large rock has shifted toward the roadway and must be removed.

Residents and visitors need to use KY 302 at the lake (Jenny Wiley State Resort Park/Dewey Lake) to access the homes on the mountain and the athletic facilities.

Matt Moore, Prestonsburg Section Engineer, said that equipment will be moved in tomorrow morning to start breaking up the rock for removal. He is hopeful the work can be finished tomorrow, Friday, May 1, but isn’t positive that can happen.

We will update this post when we know if the road has to remain closed through the weekend.

24 April 2020

Mayor Stapleton’s update

• Total cases in KY – 3481
• Total deaths in KY – 191
• 6 confirmed cases in Floyd County (per the Floyd County Health Department)

Clarification of previous update: The coach of the PHS Blackcats team (Trey Stapleton) wants to do something for all the seniors. ONCE RESTRICTIONS HAVE LIFTED, the City of Prestonsburg will open the baseball fields and invite EVERY BASEBALL AND SOFTBALL SENIOR IN THE 15TH REGION to come and, not only be recognized for their achievement, but also play a couple of games. Please ask your coaches to contact Coach Stapleton if you’re interested. This would also be a chance for colleges coaches to take a look at seniors.

I am always working on future plans. Please know that I will always be working with local health officials before moving on those plans.

Now, for some questions for Gina Porter, Region 8 HCC Readiness and Response Coordinator as well as the Public Health Preparedness Coordinator for the Floyd/Johnson County Health Departments.

QUESTION: How does the Floyd County Health Department (HD) acquire supplies for distribution?
ANSWER: The HD acquires supplies through state and federal partners. (example – the HD was able to provide generators to agencies in the county after the recent storms).

Q: How do you determine who gets PPE?
A: Through a daily reporting process each agency is required to provide (hospitals, clinics, EMS, etc). If an agency reports higher use, the HD will know to prepare for their higher needs. The City has received many donations of PPE and has worked with the HD to get those supplies to agencies that needed them.

Q: If people are making cloth masks, can they contact the HD to locate who to give them to?
A: Yes

Q: What is ‘contact tracing’?
A: When someone is confirmed to have COVID-19, the HD works to contact EVERY PERSON that the individual might have come into contact with. This is contact tracing and is why it is so important to be aware of those you come into contact with. It is also why it is important to keep that list of contacts as small as possible, to keep others safe.

Gina: There are so many new things that have to be done that it makes every thing seem harder. Please stay healthy at home and take good measures to protect others in your community. Wear a mask when you go out, practice good handwashing, social distancing, etc.

Les: The Health Department has so many plans in place to assist in the betterment of health for the people it serves. The City of Prestonsburg participates in a Closed Pod Point of Dispensing for vaccines. This means that all of the city’s employees and their families are able to receive, for example, flu vaccines at work. Any agency can set this up for their employees through the Health Department. When a vaccine is available for COVID-19, they’ll be able to receive that vaccine as well.

In closing, there is work being done every day to help our county. If you have questions about the preventative measures you can do, you can call the Floyd County Health Department at 606-886-2788. The Health Department is so appreciative of the fact that all elected officials and health agencies have been so helpful and wiling to work together though this pandemic.


20 April 2020

Mayor Stapleton’s update

• Total cases in KY – 2960
• Total deaths in KY – 148
• 5 confirmed cases in Floyd County (per the Floyd County Health Department)

Please support our local businesses. They are working hard to be as accessible to you as possible. Locally owned businesses are the ones that support our community the most – let’s help them out!

We will be having a City Council meeting tonight at 6pm via video conferencing. You will be able to find a link to view the call on our Facebook page just before the meeting begins. You should be able to ask questions from the viewing screen and we will answer questions as we are able. We will be offering the 1st reading of an Ordinance to present our budget for next year. We are using a program for the call that is different from Zoom, please be patient as we work through it. If there are any issues, we will try to have them worked out for viewing next month’s meeting.

I’ve been seeing comments on social media about what people think those in charge ‘should’ be doing. Please believe that everyone is doing their best and working to make things better. We WILL get through this.

Spring pickup is a little delayed this year. If you called last week and got your name on the list, your items WILL be picked up. Our crews got behind with the new methods/precautions that we’re using this year.

If you need any assistance, you can call the following numbers:
City Hall – 606-886-2335
Mayor Cell – 606-339-5909


17 April 2020

Mayor Stapleton’s update

• Total cases in KY – 2429
• Total deaths in KY – 129
• 5 confirmed cases in Floyd County (per the Floyd County Health Department)

A moment with the Senior Health Environmental Specialist, Scott Young (Floyd County Health Department):

Retailers are working well with the Health Department. Please don’t get angry/impatient with them. They are doing the best that they can and trying to meet guidelines that change the way they’ve done business for years. It’s a challenging process to their ‘norm’ just like everyday living has become a challenge for all of use with the new, ever-changing guidelines.

With respect to those retailers, please follow the guidelines laid out by the Health Department, the Governor, and the Mayor:
• Please comply with the distance markers in the stores. They are for our safety.
• 1-shopper per family (allowing for the 2 exceptions: childcare issues, need of assistance)
Don’t try to ‘work’ the system. The guidelines are there for protection, not as a punishment.

Food services are mostly curbside and drive-thru at this point. Remember, restaurants were under strict Food Safety guidelines BEFORE COVID-19. These safety precautions continue now. The 20-second handwashing directions that we all use today actually originated through Food Safety.

Above all, please be patient. Most of the workers you’re coming into contact with did not apply for these jobs to bee deemed ‘essential workers.’ They are doing the best they can under these trying circumstances, just like we all are.

LITTER– Many stores are reporting in increase in litter in their lots. Please, don’t dispose of your personal protective gear (masks, gloves, etc) in the parking lot of the establishments you visit. (please see minute 6:50 of the video for a visual demonstration) – Even when we start to ease restrictions on going out, we will still likely be using protective gear, it’s good to get used to dealing with it as soon as possible.

CENSUS 2020 – We can’t ask you enough to go online and fill out your census. They can’t go door to door right now, so it’s your responsibility to get it done online (or mailed in). If you don’t have internet access, you can go to the Mountain Arts Center parking lot and use the free wifi provided by Gearheart Communications. If you’ve lost your registration information, you can go online to to find it and complete your census.


Update April 16, 2020.

Floyd County Health Department

As of 7pm, Floyd County Kentucky remains at 5 cases of Coronavirus COVID 19 with no new cases reported today. All cases are currently at home.
Testing is continuing to take place at various sites in the community. We continue to expect to receive notification of more positive cases so please help us by staying in if possible. We thank all of the community for your love and concern for others and for being a part of what makes this a good place to live.

We want to recognize all our frontline staff in hospitals, LTC facilities, all medical providers, EMS, police, and others who work diligently to care for us as well as our essential workers who keep us going with food, gas, and things we need to survive this.




Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Emails will be answered in the order they are received. Responses will occur during normal business hours. Should you need to speak with someone immediately, please dial us at the number listed below.


Mon-Fri 8am - 5pm


(606) 886-2335


200 North Lake Drive
Prestonsburg , KY , 41653



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